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The Short Game Place® is an innovative indoor entertainment venue that transforms the golf experience for everyone!  A 9 or 18-hole, indoor, Patent Pending, Par 2™ Golf Course, with golf instruction, rehab center, entertainment and rental facilities, and The Chip Shot™ Bar & Grill.

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About The Short Game Place®


The Short Game Place® is the indoor, Inclusive/Universal Designed venue, created for all people around the globe, no matter their differing abilities, to find and keep their golf swing… day or night, rain or shine, on a real indoor Patent Pending Par 2™ skills golf course (not simulated). It is “The Best of Outdoor Golf Indoors™!”


To be the place where all persons, globally — including persons with differing abilities — can learn, improve, or just enjoy the fun of golf at whatever level they desire, and gather in a safe, family friendly place.

The restaurant & beer garden, golf body mechanics & exercise facility, professional golf training rooms, and event rooms – all under one roof at The Short Game Place® – provide the necessary ingredients to facilitate a range of extraordinary experiences, which include our masterful touch of excellence.

Our Culture

Everyone associated with The Short Game Place® experiences a transformation in their relationship with golf to one of:

  • Abundance
  • Expansion
  • Inclusivity
  • Value
  • Entertainment

In a safe, fun, family friendly destination.

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Our 8 Core Values

1) Safety

We will be diligent to keep our eyes open on behalf of our customers and employees, making sure they are safe and do not encounter obstacles that would cause harm. This is the most important of our values.

2) Fun Environment

We will make every effort to bring about changes in our venue to make sure we are delivering fun and excitement to our customers and employees; happiness lives here.

3) Inclusive/Universal Design

We have created a place where any person with differing abilities can feel like they are no different than any other person in the building; giving them access to all the functionality of our arena, including our Patent Pending 18-hole Par 2™ skills golf course, leagues, tournaments, events, programs, and education.

4) Customer Experience

We will constantly seek out the opinions of our customers and employees to make sure we are meeting all expectations; our desire would be that one cannot wait to return and bring their friends, families, coworkers, and clients.

5) Inclusivity

We will make every effort to show our desire to give each individual, whether a client or an employee, no matter who they are, the best of ourselves in our service, education, golf services and programs, food and beverage, and events. Welcome to your home away from home!

6) Training Excellence

We have vetted each and every instructor and personal trainer in our arena. We will never allow any person to give golf instructions, physical exercise training, or therapy for injuries without making sure they are a creditable and/or certified instructor, trainer, or therapist.

7) Respect of the Game

We will require our customers and our employees to adhere to the Etiquette of Golf and to follow all the rules we, ourselves, adhere to. We pride ourselves on honoring a behavior that teaches the Golden Rule, respect for others, and to take pride in yourself, holding yourself to higher standards… accountable to yourself and to your peers; taking responsibility of your own actions and not seeking to blame others. Being respectful to yourself and others is a reward unto itself.

8) Foundation of Integrity

We will consistently restructure our goals, processes, services, training, and products to make sure the final results meet our other seven CORE Values. Integrity has two significant meanings, and both determine the success or failure of a company or an individual.

Integrity, as it refers to our doing business to the best of our ability to serve our employees and customers, will never be minimized; we will hold ourselves accountable to GOD, to our employees, and to our customers, honoring our word in all things.

Integrity in the reference to working order, we will do everything possible to keep the chain unbroken in all we set out to do. This is our foundation.